Marc Bernstein designs the MARC BERNSTEIN NEW YORK Collection.  He is known for his sophisticated, urban-chic designs, and customs colors, such as ‘Blond Gold’, and ‘Matte Black’.  Sourced the world over, Marc combines the most supple and luxurious leathers with distinctive, unique hardware.  An uncommon attention is placed on the handmade quality and refinement of each piece, making each leather accessory special and one-of-a-kind.  Old world tradition combined with a new world edge.

His work has been featured worldwide in publications including Vogue, German Vogue, Italian Vogue, Elle and Allure, and is sold at the world’s most avant-garde, fashion retailers. Current and past accounts include: Barneys CO-OP, Joyce, Lane Crawford, Harvey Nichols, and Selfridges.

Wood and mud, leaves and leather…nature has always found its way into the life of designer Marc Bernstein.  Born in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Marc’s love of nature became apparent from a very early age.  As a very young child, he loved to fashion little dolls out of mud which he then placed in the freezer to harden as clay would in a kiln.

In 1996, Marc moved to New York City.  At that time, working in fashion photography as a photo assistant, he was immediately hired as an assistant to the world’s elite fashion photographers. In 2000, Marc worked for Patrick Demarchelier.

Yet, it was not until 2001, when Marc tried his hand at leather craft, and first made himself a leather cuff bracelet.  This first attempt was admired by friends who began asking for their own cuffs. Marc began producing customized pieces for friends and before long, had a small line of leather bracelets, belts and pendant necklaces that had captured the attention of stylists and the fashion press.

By 2005, Marc had expanded his collection to include a distinctive belt collection, which incorporated intricate and detailed hardware with thematic themes.  In that year, Marc designed on request for Vogue en Español his ‘Pirate’ Collection, where he first created a double wrap leather and mesh bracelet.  Also in that year, Barneys CO-OP picked up the MARC BERNSTEIN NEW YORK line, and featured his designs, including his ‘Spanish Chain’ belt, in 2 consecutive mailers.  In late 2008, Marc returned to the ‘Pirate’ theme, to design his now highly successful collection of ‘Triple Wrap’ Bracelets. Known collectively as the ‘Pirate: Rope & Chain’ Collection, Marc has incorporated different elements from previous collections, such as Equestrian, Sculptural and Egyptian themes.

Starting in 2013, Marc became fascinated with Pre-Colombian metal work, and began traveling extensively in Colombia, South America on creative research.  Two years in the making, the newest, ‘Treasure Chest’ Collection features new and intricately embellished hardware elements, and raises the bar on his past design with the addition of semi-precious stones.  Key designs such as the ‘Heron’ Bracelet are a labor of love where Marc combines semi-precious stones in a painterly attention to color harmony.  In addition to Marc Bernstein’s well-known ‘Wrap Bracelets’, ‘Treasure Chest’ expands the urban-chic accessory offering to include: necklace, key chain, and wallet chain designs.

In late 2015, recalling the inspiration for the original leather cuff collection, Marc once again set-out to design for himself.  Marc wanted the perfect slim profile leather wallet, with an urban design aesthetic for his driver’s license and credit card.  A wallet which would not look bulky when worn with a fitted slack.  Thus was born the ‘SUPER SLIM’.  From here, Marc expanded the collection to include a range of wallet designs organized for capacity from the ‘SUPER SLIM’ to the ‘MEGA’. Each piece is produced in-house, using a supple and luxurious washed lamb, that is then put through a proprietary process to give each piece a unique, vintage look.

Currently, Marc is in design on his signature ‘Urban-Chic’ Handbag Collection, and ‘Semi-fine’ Necklace Collection.