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alligator triple wrap

pink gold - black ostrich




color variations

alligator triple wrap

pink gold - black ostrich


all across brazil the yacare caimans roam. These members of the alligator family inhabit and dominate the country’s lakes, rivers, and wetlands. On a trip to brazil marc bernstein became mesmerized by their sheer force and power. this triple wrap from the mbny brazil collection, features a rotating alligator head that commands attention and sparks conversations.

featured in black ostrich leather paired with pink gold, this colorway is part of the mbny premium collection. 

  • alligator inspired hardware

  • alligator rotates 360 degrees, allowing multiple looks

  • custom plated, metallic rope

  • thicker gold plating making it a more precious piece

  • genuine ostrich leather, a more noble and precious material

  • subtly hammered buckle closure

  • adjustable sizing

  • available s/m and m/l.  see size chart.

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