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materials and craftsmanship

Over his 17 years design history, Marc Bernstein has developed a unique design aesthetic with a distinct personal voice based on refined craftsmanship, culturally inspired, distinctive hardware and superior materials sourced the world over.

The “Pirate: Rope & Chains” Collection is a combination of Italian, full-grain cow leather combined with brass or cast white metal parts which are plated to Marc’s exquisite, unique color palette. Custom colors include: Blond Gold, Manhattan Matte Black, Extreme Black Gun Metal, Old Antique Gold, and Pink Gold.


We work with the world’s top plating companies to produce the highest quality plated parts. Plated pieces are a result of applying metals, both precious and non- precious, over a solid base metal, either brass, sterling silver or white metal.  A plated piece is not a solid metal piece. As such, the longevity of the finish is dependent on multiple variables. To extend the life and preserve the integrity of the color, we apply lacquer-like coatings to many of our colors as a final protective layer. Our pieces are meticulously crafted, and designed to age gracefully. We do not recommend polishing our accessories.

In the event your piece eventually needs attention, please contact us by email at . We pride ourselves in our in-house production, and are best equipped to address any concern. And, for any additional questions or concerns, we encourage you to email master craftsman Marc Bernstein directly at

handbags & wallets

The Washed Lamb collection of Wallets and Handbags is based on a custom washed lamb produced exclusively for us in France. Our proprietary production process often incorporates a secondary washing to infuse each piece with its own distinctive history. With each piece, be it handbag or wallet, we first select the individual lamb skin appropriate to its ultimate form, and cut the total piece from this skin.

Our washed lamb, leather bags age beautifully as they wear-in. And, the beauty of a washed lamb material is that you do not need to fear getting caught in the rain. Your bag will dry beautifully.

The Washed Lamb collection is a labor of love for designer Marc Bernstein. First conceived in 2013, the design aesthetic and materials development was long in the coming. “It was like learning a language. First you must learn the words, and then slowly you begin to make sentences, followed by stories…and, eventually, after much time and devotion, you rise to the level of poetry”. This collection is an organic, ongoing process. Each season Marc Bernstein delves deeper into the aesthetic, the designs evolve and continue to refine.

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